House Extensions Lilydale (Design & Drafting Services)

Those who live in Lilydale really do love their chirpy bayside location. And when it comes to the beautiful home extensions Lilydale locals adore and cherish for years and years to come, it’s the guys at RFT Solutions who can help turn the dream into reality!

You don’t have to look beyond the brilliant modern architecture, quaint renovated workers cottages and perfect palm-lined paths to understand why it’s home extensions Lilydale locals love the most.

Why? Because if you love living in Lilydale, don’t move away – adapt your home so it gets right up to date with your modern lifestyle!

RFT Solutions does the home extensions Lilydale locals love – because our services and renovations are easy, stress-free … and the amazing Port Melbourne foreshore is never far away!

Home extensions Lilydale – Why do the locals love to extend?

home extensions lilydaleOur services: Not only will we do your drafting, but we’ll also take all the hassle out of the building, extending and renovating. We assess the builder’s quotes, handle all the tender documentation and permits, and also deal with surveyors, engineers, assessors and other industry professionals.

Our experience: We don’t just do the home extensions Lilydale locals can rely on. We also do building design and drafting on new homes and developments across the Melbourne suburbs – and we’ve been doing it for decades!

Our quality: Sit back and let us obtain all the permits and building cost estimates you’ll need, whilst sorting out the best and most professionally recommended builders for your project.

Our skills: RFT Solutions’ skilled designers will work with you on the sort of home extensions Lilydale has come to trust. Your extension will blend perfectly with your existing home, your budget, and the home of your dreams.

Our savings: Construction costs are 10-20% down when you entrust your beautiful and soundly-constructed home extension to RFT Solutions. Home extensions in Lilydale can be expensive, but you’ll get the best value for money if you put your project in the hands of the RFT Solutions professionals.

Your dream extension: The home extensions Lilydale locals want do not come from a cookie-cutter. Let us tailor your dream Melbourne home extension to your requirements, wishes, and budget, thanks to our years of training and experience.

Example Lilydale Home Extensions & Drafting Services Projects

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History of lilydale

Lilydale, which is located on the Olinda Creek, is often described as the gateway to the Yarra Valley wine-growing area. In fact a profitable wine industry, which took advantage of the rich red volcanic soil in the area, developed around Lilydale in the 19th century. Today this small and charming town is a good starting point for visitors eager to explore the rich vineyards and cellar doors of the Yarra Valley.


Lilydale is located 41 km east of Melbourne via the M3. It lies at the edge of the Yarra Valley at the northern end of the Dandenong Ranges.

Origin of Name

There are three possible explanations for the name. One claims that the Government surveyor, John Hardy, suggested that the town be named Lillydale after his chainman was heard singing a popular song ‘Lilly Dale’. A second one claims that the surveyor saw lilies growing in the creek. The third one argues that the Yarra Valley’s first vines were planted in 1838 at Yering station. The pioneers were William Ryrie, Paul de Castella and Baron de Pury. The name Lilydale was taken from Lilly, the daughter of Paul de Castella, and that council clerks and the local schoolmaster shortened the spelling to Lilydale.


Lilydale Drafting Specialist

Truly, Lilydale is a place where you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, which is why RFT Solutions is as proud of this place as you are!

RFT Solutions provides a design and drafting service for Lilydale home extensions and renovations. We obtain building cost estimates, all the permits required, then tender, assess and negotiate builders quotes. We tender to builders whose reputation, time in business and quality of work has been recommended by building surveyors. Building surveyors issue the building permit and conduct inspections during construction. They are the best qualified to judge a builders quality of work rather than friends or neighbours.



If you're building a new home, house extension or renovation, RFT Solutions offer peace of mind. Our goal is to save you time, money and achieve a result you love. Contact us today (03) 9421-2222 for a free consultation.