Do you own a heritage home? Congratulations! You own a piece of Australian history – preserved in time. Perhaps the council has actually designated it as such because of its historical significance, architectural uniqueness, or because it contributes to the understanding of the area’s history. Or maybe it’s just a heritage home in reality or in your own mind – it really doesn’t matter! The only thing you need to know is that heritage homes absolutely RULE, telling their individual stories of times past and standing in all their historic glory.

So let’s take a bold and deep dive into heritage house colours – because it’s a topic that is rarely fully explored or understood for its critical importance.

The right exterior heritage house colours – and those internal colours too! – should not only respects your property’s historical significance. It also should bring out its architectural detail and beauty, and superpower its inherent charm.

The best heritage house colours for your home

When considering heritage house colours exterior Australia wide, it’s essential to choose only those hues that complement the style and era of the property – whilst also meeting any local heritage guidelines. Let’s get deep into it:

1. Federation red

Our own favourite among all the various heritage colour schemes? It’s Federation Red.

Often found on older homes from the Federation period, this deep, rich red helps to highlight the beautiful, intricate woodwork and stonework that is probably all-too evident in your own heritage structure.

It’s particularly striking when paired with cream or off-white trim.

2. Heritage green

Look it up on Google, because this colour that we’re sure you agree will work beautifully for the exterior trim on many heritage homes – especially in Victorian and Edwardian homes.

It pairs brilliantly with more muted colours like soft greys or pale yellows, providing a sophisticated and historically accurate look.

3. Classic cream

This one is a versatile option for just about any heritage home type. The cream offsets a soft, neutral background that allows all those beautiful age-old architectural details to really stand out.

It’s also perfect for larger surface areas and pairs brilliantly well with bolder accent colours.

4. Sandstone yellow

Reflective of the natural sandstone that is used in many older Australian homes, particularly those in and around Melbourne, this warm yellow complements all those natural stone and wood accents and is suitable for both exteriors and interiors.

5. Victorian blue

Absolutely ideal for those decorative elements, this is a vibrant blue that can be used to accentuate your favourite features like the window frames, cornices and balustrades against a more subdued main colour.

Heritage house colours: What’s next?

What do you think of our favourite heritage colours Australia wide? All of them respect not only historical accuracy, but also help to maintain the aesthetic integrity of your home among a sea of different architectural styles and colours. When selecting heritage paint colour schemes, always take some time to consider the visual impact of your choices – and think about how they will blend with the surrounding environment.

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Need extra help for the perfect heritage shades?

Remember, the colours you choose play a critical role in showcasing the history and beauty of your one-of-a-kind home. Make sure to consult with professionals who understand the significance of heritage colours Australia wide, and can helpfully guide you in making choices that really will stand the test of time.