As we waved bye-bye to 2021, and we said hello to a more hopeful 2022, a clear trend in the world of house renovations and construction was obvious: rendering. With so many of us spending more time at home these days than ever before, professionals in the exterior home makeover trade are absolutely thriving. More and more, they’re being asked by budding home renovators about rendering – where an extra coat or layer on the external face of the rendered house is added to insulate, waterproof … and simply look great.

It’s on that final point – looking great – rendering home extensions in Melbourne is a great way to blend in the extension and give th that we’d like to linger a little longer in this piece today about colour schemes for your newly rendered exterior. But isn’t it just a matter of choosing great render colours, textures and finishes? Not quite: Let’s dive a little deeper into the wonderful world of the external rendering colour trends to take a second look at in 2022:

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1. The latest colours

The easiest place to start is simply to report what the latest rendering aficionados are up to. In essence, it’s all about the contrast – with simple light and dark being the most obvious rendered house colour schemes. But contrasting textures is also extremely popular right now, with something like rough stone alongside smooth timber really making a mark.

The bonus of a light/dark render combination is you get the balanced best of both worlds in terms of heat absorption – just be aware that really bright whites can be so bright that they’re blinding.

2. The traditional colours

We’re also seeing a reversion to those Art Deco days, when rendering was having another popular moment. To capture the essence today, keep those rendering colours as simple as they were back then, as the most typical will not look out of place on many a European street. For renovating or extending even older homes, like those from the Victorian style, stick with simple and stable whites and off-whites.

3. Got a pool?

Street appeal is one thing, but don’t forget about the back! Especially if you’ve got a modern home design and look that is paired with a modern pool, we’ve found that the most effective rendering colour is a deeper grey, which contrasts with a fascinating effect with the sparkling cool water. Light paired with bright is another great choice, such as a bright white paired with brightly treated timber.

4. Create a focal point

Some people are attempting to draw attention to particular external features by selecting the perfect render contrast. For instance, a light or cream render paired with exciting, dark brick accents really focus the eyes on key architectural features – and the opposite can be true, too. Let’s say the house is nestled amidst a grand countryside backdrop, then a wisely understated and natural render can focus the attention on the overall setting rather than specific features.

Feeling a bit lost? Here are some tips that should help you navigate those tricky waters and hit dry land with the rendering style that is perfect for your home and preferences:

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  • Factor in the driveway, the garage doors, the windows and the doors
  • Match the render with the home style & backdrop
  • Stop thinking of your home’s facade as a single element, but as a base, middle, top, focal points and architectural features
  • Your render should follow a wider theme, creating a ‘flow’ that encompasses the interior of your home as well, including the yard.

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