As house prices skyrocket, it just might be the perfect time to love where you already live just that little bit more – by considering a home extension. What you’ll get at the end of the process isn’t just a little (or a lot) of extra living space, and a little (or a lot) more re-sale value. And it’s not just that it’s so much more cost-effective than packing up and moving on. A home extension really does empower you to aim for your ultimate ‘dream home’, which is perfectly suited to your needs and your personal vision.

But we’re not going to lie to you – saying ‘yes’ to a home extension project is a big deal, and while there’s a lot you will get right, there’s arguably an even bigger list of big no-nos and downright mistakes. So with our more than 40 years of combined experience, we’ve put our heads together and come up with what we consider to be the biggest home extension mistakes – so that your project really is the dream you’re chasing rather than a nightmare.

1. Not making a plan

It sounds obvious, but a home extension project is not like whipping up a cubby house. And even if you are adding a cubby to the garden for the kids, you’d probably still benefit from a clear and precise home extension plan and schedule. Home extensions can be confusing and disruptive, both from a practical but also a mental perspective. If you have kids and pets, you know that a single visit from a tradie is a big deal, so rushing into an extension without planning ahead in great detail is a massive mistake.

2. Not thinking about your stuff

If you’ve ever had your carpets thoroughly cleaned, you know that moving your furniture is enough of a headache. Now imagine you’re not clearing the way for a vacuum, but for the knocking down of walls – with all the dust, debris and mess that creates. Do you even have somewhere to put your valuable belongings? How will you cook dinner when your kitchen is being renovated? Will your extension works be so extensive that living on what is essentially a construction site be possible at all?

3. Skipping over the design

With so much to organise and stress about, the actual design of your home extension can sometimes be an afterthought. Big mistake! The worst possible thing is to spend all of that money, and cope with all of that disruption, and end up with something that underwhelms you, frustrates you, or – worst of all – you absolutely hate. Never lose sight of the fact that you’re doing this to improve your life, not to ‘get it done’. We’ve heard of so many projects that skimp on the design phase and then absolutely soak up extra costs and lengthy delays by making design changes on the fly.

4. Running out of money

If you do fudge the basic concept, you’re exposing yourself to the very big risk of fudging your budget, too. All too often, underprepared renovators rely on builders’ estimates rather than insist on fixed builder quotes, or change their mind mid-project – and end up with half a home extension. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to figure out how much it’s all going to cost, and then have the capacity to dig a little deeper to ensure the project can actually reach the finish line.

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If you're building a new home, house extension or renovation, RFT Solutions offer peace of mind. Our goal is to save you time, money and achieve a result you love.

Rely on experience to get your dream project done

With our 40+ years of combined experience in the game, relying on RFT Solutions is the easiest way to dodge the common home extension mistakes and hit the centre of the dart-board each time. We’ve been providing building and drafting services to Melbourne’s inner and southeastern suburbs including Mooroolbark, Clifton Hill, KilsythPrahran, Surrey Hills, Templestowe and beyond.

We don’t just handle the planning, the permits, the design, the drafting and the builders’ quotes. We take you firmly by the hand to ensure that your project is stress, hassle and pitfall-free from initial consultation to handing over the keys to your dream extension. And do you know what? That consultation is absolutely free, so it’s never been a better time to get in touch with the professional drafting service team today.

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