Do you have a weatherboard home you’ve outgrown? Time for a second bathroom, adding rooms and expanding the living area? You’re not alone, plenty of Melbourne weatherboard house extensions have vastly improved the lifestyle and value of homes at an affordable price.

That’s because weatherboards are an attractive, affordable and durable cladding material option that gets its name because of how well it keeps the weather and its damage away. Better still, it has natural insulative qualities, keeping winter’s cold and summer’s heat out and your energy bills under control. Once upon a time, ‘weatherboard’ was basically another word for ‘timber’, but the performance and affordability has only revved up in recent years as modern material alternatives make a low-to-no-maintenance weatherboard extension an increasingly attractive option.

Weatherboard also opens the door for different configuration preferences, as your Melbourne home extension design can lay it flush, vertically, horizontally or overlaid. For price, performance, style and versatility, is it time to consider a weatherboard house extension?

1. Cost

In a head-to-head with brick, it’s a no-brainer – weatherboard wins for extension costs. As a material, it’s widely available at low cost and light, fast, cheap & easy to both transport and install.

2. Environment

As the ‘green’ buzzword catches on in a big way, weatherboard ticks the boxes. That’s particularly the case since other material options were added alongside timber because various reclaimed materials can be used.

3. Insulation

We’ve mentioned the weatherboard’s insulative qualities already but didn’t explain why. While you may think a material thinner than brick might not be great insulation, it turns out that the way the air is trapped between the thin boards is perfect for balancing and regulating the temperature extremes.

4. Repairs

Ask a non-professional to start laying bricks, and you’ll quickly gain mountains of respect of brickies! On the other hand, basic carpentry or construction skills are enough to find your way around weatherboard construction, making the rare need for repairs something you can do DIY-style.

5. Flexibility

When the ground moves, rigid bricks don’t – and you can predict the result. But when the ground moves around a weatherboard extension, the result is usually … no damage whatsoever.

The really good news is that, if you already have a weatherboard house, it’s obviously super-simple to consider a weatherboard house extension. But the modern styling options and resurgence in weatherboard’s popularity means that considering a weatherboard extension for brick and other house construction styles is also an affordable as well as eye-popping solution to give your tired old place a brand new twist.

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