Some people like to move with the times, finding convenience and enjoying the clean lines of the ultra-modern. However period homes aren’t just full of history, charm and character, research has shown that areas with a high density of period homes often have a higher value.

So whether you’ve had your period home for years and it needs some love, or whether you’re in the market and looking to make the most of that character and charm, it’s important to know the period home renovation ideas that really work.

6 quick period home renovation ideas

1. The floors

Although sometimes hidden under carpets or vinyl a key feature of a period home, is often its original floors. Baltic pine, hardwood, or perhaps even Victorian encaustic tiles will always stand the test of time. So while you may be able to enhance or improve them, resist the temptation to do more than strip, sand and stain them without affecting their original beauty and character. New flooring can be tempting, but don’t forget that those original floors are the very foundation of your beautiful period home.

2. The windows

Similarly, beautiful period home windows are full of character – and therefore an almost untouchable part of period home renovations Melbourne wide. In fact, any efforts should actually go into making them a feature, but if the originals really are beyond restoration, resist the urge to replace them with something aluminium. Instead, look into getting those originals re-created. You can also consider the importance of double-glazing in your period home renovation.

3. The facade

The period home’s facade is what everybody passing your home sees. It is crucial. It tells the story of when your home was built – early mid or late Victorian, Queen Anne, Edwardian, Bungalow, Inter-war Post-war. The front facade is so much a part of the character that it must be re-created, restored, or simply left alone.

4. The colour

Each era of period homes have a slightly different palette of exterior colours and colours for the details such as skirtings, architraves, cornices, timber linking boards etc. White, plain and soft shades were also popular together with creams, all of which you can see for yourself by driving around areas that are subject to a Heritage Overlay. In fact, these protected areas are the best place to start if you’re in the market for a period home. Camberwell, Hawthorn and Kew are suburbs rich in period era homes.

5. The insulation

As for the insulation, this consideration is less about the appearance and more about the modern practicality of living in one. If you’ve done period home renovations before and stopped short of worrying about updating the insulation, you’ve probably learned the lesson about that typical cold (in winter), damp and hot (in summer) experience of living in one without adequate protection from our climate. Placing insulation in the roof will be very helpful and under the flooring also as most period homes were constructed on stumps.

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6. The support team

Going it alone with your period home renovations Melbourne wide can be an exciting prospect. But the fact is that balancing that incredible period look and feel – that true warm heart feeling – with convenient, modern living standards is very, very hard. The cost of getting the professional support of an outfit who can help you find that balance means you can truly enjoy the character of yesteryear – with all the benefits of today. And that cost will be insignificant when you get results that were beyond your wildest period home dreams.

The popularity of period home living is not going to go away, because people like you simply love the character, the feeling, and the timeless appeal. If you love your period home and it’s time to renovate, our Melbourne home extension experts can come up with a plan that blends perfectly with your passions but still meets the needs of the entire family. Get in touch with RFT Solutions today.

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