Are you thinking about enhancing your lifestyle with a grander, more functional and more valuable home – without the hassle of moving? Sure, a new bedroom or sunroom extension could be less daunting than considering adding a bathroom to your house, but wouldn’t it be great? More privacy, no more morning queues and conflicts, and quite a bit more value. But before you take your project to add a bathroom to a house any further, you need to read on. But why?

Adding a bathroom to house: Industry professional tips

Be aware that adding bathrooms to houses is considered by even the most experienced experts as one of the most complex types of extensions bar none. That’s because of the intricate plumbing and electrical work, the need for ultra-precise space planning, and strict adherence to specific building codes and regulations including waterproofing!

So let’s navigate you through the general process of adding a bathroom to your house, ensuring you’re properly informed with a well-planned approach before embarking on such a transformative project:

1. Deciding the location

The first step is to determine where you’re putting that bathroom. Whether it’s converting an existing space or adding an ensuite to the side of the house, the location impacts plumbing complexity and can increase costs a great deal. Considerations like existing water lines and drainage systems, as well as the impact on the current floor plan, are vital in this decision-making process.

2. Understanding the cost

House extension costs like adding a bathroom vary widely based on size, materials, fittings, and labour, and are commonly underestimated. It’s therefore so crucial to have a realistic budget for this project upfront, considering both the immediate expenses and the long-term value it adds to your home. Factors such as the quality of fixtures, potential structural alterations and the level of customisation you want can significantly influence the final cost.

3. Evaluating costs vs benefits

While evaluating the cost to add a bathroom, don’t forget about the many benefits like increased property value, improved functionality and enhanced lifestyle, to mention just a few. A well designed bathroom can be a true sanctuary in your home, so it’s difficult to weigh it up purely in monetary terms. Additionally, a new bathroom can address specific family needs, like accessibility for elderly family members, adding literally immeasurable value beyond the financial aspect.

4. Navigating permits & permissions

Finding your way through the local planning scheme such as permits and building codes is crucial. Depending on where you live, the local planning scheme may dictate numerous aspects of the bathroom design and construction. These regulations can include specific requirements for the siting of the new bathroom, the materials of the external facade of the bathroom, and more, which are all crucial for compliance with local regulations and the overall safety of the structure.

5. Design considerations

Don’t forget, a bathroom isn’t just functional. It should also be a reflection of your personal style, so think deeply about the layout, the fixtures, the lighting, the storage – to name just a few – to create a space that blends with your home’s aesthetic. The design should also consider future needs, such as energy efficiency and water conservation, to ensure the new bathroom remains sustainable and cost-effective in the long run.

6. Choosing the right professionals

Given the complexities we’ve only started to touch upon, hiring professionals like RFT Solutions ensures the process will be as seamless as it possibly can be. Our expertise in managing every aspect of the extension throughout Melbourne and beyond minimises stress and errors. From initial design consultations to the final touches, a professional team can navigate unexpected challenges and ensure that the project adheres to all standards and timelines.

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Adding a bathroom to a house: Simplify with expert help

Embarking on the ambitious challenge of adding a bathroom to your house is no small feat, with all those various factors like cost, design and legalities to navigate a course through. But you don’t need to navigate these choppy waters alone.

RFT Solutions offers a one-stop-shop service that takes care of every aspect of your bathroom addition, from initial design to final touches and beyond. By choosing Melbourne’s premier experts, you ensure a hassle-free experience, quality and guaranteed workmanship, and a bathroom that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Ready to transform your home? Contact the friendly team at RFT Solutions today and step into the unexpected ease of professional bathroom addition.