Modern Bathrooms – Renovations

Creating modern bathrooms and bathroom renovations are major projects that should involve a professional architect or draftsman and builder. Today´s bathrooms are no longer the smallest room in the house. People are looking for relaxation and pampering. That´s why all of the people involved in the project should be liaising with you on an on-going basis to ensure your project is completed within your budget and time lines.


How we can help youRFT Solutions can help with your bathroom renovations in Melbourne by:

  • Designing your new bathroom renovations
  • Tendering your plans to a minimum of three builders
  • Examining the builders quotes, recommending a builder, and negotiating the contract
  • Instructing the builder to liaise between yourself and RFT Solutions
  • Offering quality inspections

Factors to consider

If you’re thinking of bathroom renovations, consider adding elements of comfort and elegance. Transform your bathroom into your own personal sanctuary. While many home interiors are becoming simpler, bathrooms are getting the royal treatment. In general, bathrooms are also getting larger. In many bathroom renovations, homeowners are tearing down walls, eliminating small bedrooms, and creating large bathrooms. We will advise you on the components of the budget and help you plan accordingly.


While many bathrooms have laminate or solid surface countertops, tiles of all shapes and styles are becoming very popular. For any variety of looks and durability, choose glass, ceramic, stone, or metal tiles. Even in ceramic tiles, there are many painted or embossed styles to choose from.


Both artificial light and natural light should be considered when undertaking bathroom renovations. There should be plenty of light directed at work areas. We suggest you confirm your plans for lighting with an electrician or lighting designer before the ceiling and walls are closed up after remodelling.


A bigger bathtub is not always the obvious alternative. A 60-inch tub is fine for most people. It offers enough room to stretch out and provides a secure foothold, so you do not float too much when the tub is full. Assess the angled back and lip for comfort and neck support – a tub for two people slants at either end and has taps in the middle.


Depending on the style of your bathroom, decorative taps are available in brass, chrome, pewter, or satin chrome. There are many types of taps available, so it´s important to consider their make, place of manufacture and warranties when you make your choice. Taps come in sets or mixers. Tap sets include two handles whereas mixers have one handle. Mixer taps are more streamlined and light on the hand.

Finally, if you are fortunate enough to have a lot of space to work with, indulge yourself with a bathroom that includes a dressing room – a haven for privacy and relaxation. Your bathroom renovations in Melbourne could include a television, exercise equipment and even a large comfortable chair.

Peace of mind

If you are considering bathroom renovations, RFT Solutions offers peace of mind. Our goal is simple: To save your time, money, and achieve a result you love. Then you can look forward to a kitchen renovation that will truly fulfil your expectations.

To get advice on your new bathroom renovations, call us now on (03) 9421 2222, or fill in our online enquiry form via our
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