Thinking about adding a room to your home or investment property? Adding a bedroom, bathroom or home office are great ideas for a growing family or changing needs.

Our Melbourne building designers focus on extending and renovating homes. So from that experience we’ve put together the most popular new room addition ideas to help you get started.

We hope our infographic, “Adding a room to your home for lifestyle or profit!” inspires you to take the next step!

add a room infographic

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“Adding a room to your home for lifestyle or profit!” Infographic Transcription

Extending or renovating your home can improve your lifestyle, add to your property’s value and provide an enormous sense of satisfaction. There are many ways to add a room to your home or investment property. Below are just a few room addition ideas to help you get started.


Whether you are looking to sell, or have a growing family, adding a bedroom is a great way to increase the value of your home. If your house has large bedrooms, you may consider converting one of the larger rooms into two smaller bedrooms. Another relatively inexpensive option is to convert existing roof space or part of your garage into that extra bedroom, in most case walls will not need to be removed in order to make it happen.


Think you’ve got no room for adding a second bathroom? Think again! A bathroom can be squeezed into an amazingly small space. An area 1 metre by 2 metres can accommodate a small sink and toilet.

With a little more space you can add a shower too. There are a number of areas in most houses that can be used to add a bathroom – The untraveled end of a hallway, back to back closets, first floor laundry, underneath a staircase or part of a larger bedroom.


Despite being one of the larger areas of the home, the living room rarely requires more than a paint job before selling. This is because this room is mostly a large blank canvas. However, if you live in an older house, chances are that you have a separate dining and living area. Knocking down the wall between these rooms, creating one large open plan living area is a great way to add space and flow to these rooms.


More and more people want to add home offices to their houses these days as busy families want more organisation and dedicated space for work (or homework!). While it may seem like you don’t have the space for it, a home office doesn’t need to take up much space. Just about any small underused area can be converted into a home office. However, if you are wanting a space that is entirely dedicated to your home office, you might consider converting your garage or (bungalow if you have one). This is a great way to make a space that is away from the distractions of the household.


Breathing new life into your tired old kitchen can not only add value to your house, but makes cooking and entertaining in your own home a better experience. There are many simple, inexpensive ways to achieve a more modern look and rejuvenate your kitchen. Repainting and replacing dated tiles, flooring and fixtures is by far the easiest. But sometimes a kitchen space is just too cramped, especially in older homes.

If your kitchen is small, a great way to add space and light, is to replace the wall to the adjoining room with an island bench. This will create a beautiful, modern open plan area that is great for entertaining. If there is no space to achieve this then consider a home extension, you can add additional rooms at the same time!


Outdoor areas are great for entertaining, or simply relaxing on a nice summer evening. Adding a deck to your house gives you an entertaining area that you’ll use a lot more than you might think! With the right setup you can enjoy meals, bbq, entertain friends and a whole host of other activities on the deck virtually all year round.

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If you have a two story house, adding a balcony is another way to get that extra entertainment area, while also making the most of any views your property might enjoy.


The cost of adding a room can vary wildly depending on the type of room (bathrooms and kitchens are most expensive) and how much work needs to be done on the structure of your home. Home extension costs will be higher than renovating an existing space but will give you much more flexibility to add rooms that suit your needs.