Use your garden to extend your living space with an outdoor room extension.

The idea of creating a space outside that was an extension of your home has really become more popular in recent years. Outdoor rooms are a great option when you need more space and you live in a climate where for a few months at least each year you can spend time out there. This makes investing in creating the space well worth it. If you have the room at the back of your home, an outdoor room extension could be a great thing for everyone in the home.

A difficult housing market is driving more people to create what they want

When the housing market is difficult and people are not able to find or afford the kind of larger spaces they prefer in a home, the option then is to find something smaller and get creative with it. Or to not move at all and put money into your current space to create that indoor outdoor room extension.

We often include outdoor extensions as part of larger home extensions in Melbourne. The most popular types of outdoor extensions are:

  • Alfesco verandah extensions – create shade and a space for entertainment
  • Sunroom extensions – Enjoy the feeling of being outdoors without the weather
  • Pool house extensions – A space to protect and store pool equipment
  • Indoor outdoor extension – Designed to bring the outside in usually with large bi-fold doors.

What do you need to create the perfect outdoor extension?

To create more living space the addition of an outdoor room is an affordable house extension idea. It is perfect for warmer climates but just what is needed to make such as space work?

Here are some of the things you need to think about in order to get this just right for your needs.

  • Enough space outside – First of all you have to check whether you really have room for it. Whatever type of outdoor extension you want to create you need to have enough space going into the backyard, it needs to be level and it needs to have room for the furniture, barbecue and whatever else you want there. Exactly the size depends on how many people are using it, the design of your backyard and what you will be doing with it. Whatever you do, as long as it is done well it will add value to your home.
  • A way to create privacy – One of the hard things about any outdoor room extension ideas you might have is having privacy while you use it, from your neighbours. People living either side of you or even behind you are likely able to look in and see you. If you prefer to have what privacy you can then there are a few things to think about. Where can you add some walls, screens, fencing, panels or hangings to best give you a sense of privacy? You can design the space to use what is already out there like the trees and shrubbery. Walls can be functional as well as protective, put some shelves on them!
  • Shelter in case you need shade – If you are going to be spending a lot of time outside in the sun, you are going to want some options of shade. Especially during peak hours when the sun is at its hottest. An umbrella or open roof pergola is not going to offer much shade, is only going to keep one or two people happy and is likely not enough for the noontime heat. So don’t trade off your house extension costs for shade. No one wants to get sunburn! It is also good to have shelter from any showers that might happen.

With the addition of a room outside you have more space for people living in the home to spread out. You can enjoy the nice weather and curl up with a good book, take your laptop outside, have friends over, eat your meals outside and more. Make your home feel larger and consider it an investment as you are adding value to what the house is worth.

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More and more people are investing in an outdoor extension in their back garden. When you are considering your budget for renovations, making this project a priority makes a lot of sense. It is something everyone can enjoy and it keeps on giving back.

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