Looking for some more space at home – and a brilliant view and a brand new garden as the icing on the cake? The rooftop terrace is an unmistakable trend of the moment, as Melburnians just like you look to spread out (and up) with more enjoyable and creative urban living that thinks beyond extending merely outwards.

Have you considered a rooftop deck?

The best terrace design ideas of the moment all have something in common – making life at home even better! Create an attractive, warm & sunny retreat with a brilliant view and maximise every square centimetre of your property, give yourself a garden where one wasn’t possible before, create an entertainment retreat, boost your investment’s value and appeal – and much more.

Already champing at the bit to start exploring cool rooftop deck ideas for your place? You should probably ask yourself these pertinent questions first:

1. Do you know the disadvantages?

Luckily, there aren’t many – as long as your rooftop terrace is done right. So the most pressing first question to ask is whether it’s worth the major construction disruption, including potential structural additions for load-bearing and the cost. That’s because it’s not the work of a day, it will require special planning and permission, and you’re looking at increased home extension costs with a second storey extension, factoring in additional costs like stairs and shading structures and the need for waterproofing. However, if you’re going to get good use out of it then the value is certainly there!

2. Is your home even suitable?

With a flat-pitched home, a rooftop deck is definitely doable – but most houses can accommodate one with the right planning. Some roofs, however, are more suitable for natural screening from neighbours or the street level, not to mention the aesthetics of the rooftop terrace from the ground.

3. Will you get council approval?

All across Australia, it’s really up to the particular council to decide that – because the rules and regulations differ markedly. One of the biggest issues is with heritage areas where particular sightlines need to be preserved. Your council’s decision may also dictate minimum setbacks and other specific requirements that could alter your plans, including load-bearing considerations that may require a structural engineer. So council permits for extensions may take more time and consideration.

4. Have you considered the details?

If you’re determined to press ahead, this is the fun part! But the selection of materials is actually critical, especially if your rooftop terrace is going to be fully exposed to the harsh elements up there. Tiles may get way too hot and then radiate down into your home, while timber features are likely to deteriorate faster without meticulous maintenance.

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We can help with your terrace design ideas

Have we put you off – or just inspired you to start dreaming up the rooftop deck ideas that will make your new space one that will really work for your ideal lifestyle? Here at RFT Solutions, we can turn your dreams into reality no matter how you intend to enjoy an enhanced lifestyle at home, with our services including:

  • Inspirational help & guidance
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  • Assessment of builders’ quotes
  • Full start-to-finish home extension solutions.

Step things up a level at your place with a huge new living space, a rooftop garden or the ultimate place to party & entertain at home. To find out more about how a rooftop terrace really is a possibility, get in touch today with Melbourne’s house extension specialists right here at RFT Solutions.

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