Planning Permit Information

To turn your initial ideas into workable designs, you basically have two options to choose from. First is design, second is a construct builder that can provide you with plans, a planning permit, a soil report as well as the construction of their services to you. While the designs are not necessarily ‘architecturally creative’ their prices are generally the lowest. On the other hand, you may wish to use an architect or drafts person to draw up your plans for builders to quote on.

Before you begin the design process, it’s important to call your local council to find out if you need a planning permit. Zoning laws affect what you can do with your land as does whether any overlays exist. Getting the right professional advice at the beginning will help develop your ideas so you meet the council’s expectations and your objectives.

You will need your design drawings to actually apply for the planning permit. If your architect or draftsperson is not taking on this job, you may need to engage a professional town planner. If you do require a planning permit then notify your neighbours before they hear from the council so they do not feel as though you have tried to ‘sneak’ something through.

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A planning permit is a legal document that gives permission for a development or a use on a particular piece of land which includes extensions and renovations. An application must be made to the council. If the council agrees with the proposal, it will grant a planning permit. A planning permit is not a building permit. It contains written conditions and usually has endorsed plans that show what is to be built and how the land can be used.\

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