Plumbing compliance certificate

Once they have completed their work a licensed plumber is to issue a plumbing compliance certificate.

Always use a licensed plumber for any installation, repairs or renovations involving gas work. This not only applies to jobs like installing hot water systems and heaters, but also where renovations or home extensions might involve disconnection or relocation of gas appliances. Don’t be tempted to do gas work yourself, or to use a tradesperson who does not have specialist gas knowledge and skills.

There are about 16,000 plumbers in Victoria, of whom some 7,000 are licensed gasfitters. When looking for a plumber choose plumbers who list their qualifications as part of their advertisement.

A compliance certificate signed by a licensed plumber is a certification that their work complies with prescribed plumbing standards.

Licensed plumbers cannot issue a compliance certificate if the work wasn’t carried out according to the requirements below:

  • carried out or completed the work themselves;
  • supervised a registered plumber (including someone with a provisional registration) or apprentice in carrying out the work;
  • engaged another licensed plumber to carry out the work; or
  • completed the plumbing work which they know was started by another licensed plumber.

What is meant by supervision?

A licensed plumber is considered to have ‘supervised’ a registered plumber or apprentice (according to the Building Act 1993) only if:

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  • the plumbing work is carried out in their presence, at their direction and on the behalf of the licensed plumber; OR
  • the work is carried out on their behalf and the licensed plumber specifies the method and manner in which the work is carried out and the licensed plumber
  • inspects the carrying out of the work as often as is necessary to ensure it is carried out safely and competently, with regard given to:
  • the nature of the work
  • the risks involved
  • the knowledge and experience of the person carrying out the work.

A licensed plumber cannot issue a certificate if:

  • a homeowner asks for a compliance certificate for plumbing work that they know little or nothing about
  • a registered plumber carries out their own plumbing work and asks another registered plumber to issue a compliance certificate (regardless of whether the work meets the relevant standards).

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