Why do you need Contract Administration?

Contract Administration is essential to every building process. Why? Let’s take a closer look:

Contract Administration provides administration services once construction commences – to assess and certify builders progress payments, determine whether materials and workmanship comply with contract documents, authorise any contract variations and time extensions and notify the builder of any faults.

It is essential your working drawings and / or specification documents are as detailed as possible. Changes made after the contract is signed is time consuming and expensive. Owners should ensure all of their requirements are included in the tender in writing. To avoid claims for costs or extensions of time, stick to your original brief for the project. The contract should be simple and easy to understand. It is a good idea to check the contract documents are compliant with the current law and statutory obligations.

Do not sign the contract until your plans are passed by council and the builder is ready to start, on site. Ensure the possession of the site is granted to the builder as agreed to in the contract to prevent invoking standard contract clauses or breach of contract. Ensure all your principle obligations are met – possession of the site, planning permits & design approvals to give the builder a clear run.

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Finally, ensure the following certificates are included and provided at the end of the job – final plumbing certificate, compliance for gas installation; waterproofing; termite protection (inc plan of protected areas); glazing; engineering certificates; surveyors certificates, proof of final inspection & certificate of occupancy.

These certificates help authenticate the quality of the work to you and any buyers in the future. If there is an issue, in the future, with the work that was certified you will know who is responsible. This documentation is like a pedigree that everything is OK.

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