What are Working Drawings?

Working drawings contain the final details of your new extension or renovation. They are the documents provided to builders to quote on and used to obtain a building permit. They should include floor plans, elevations and perspectives and may also include details about the materials to be used in your project, including particulars on cladding, roofing, flooring and windows.

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Your working drawings must contain as much detailed information as possible. These are what the builder will quote on (and will be closer to the actual finished cost) and build for you. If the working drawings do not contain enough detail, you will need a specification document. These provide the basis of the formal agreement on the quality of your project and form part of the contract you sign.

The specification document can list the scope of the work that is to be done, together with the industry standards to be followed by each of the tradespeople involved or it may simply be a list of the fittings and fixtures you want – taps, tiles & how they’re laid out, cupboards, handles, window frames, heating & cooling, lighting & landscaping details. As these documents provide the details of your project, they help minimise the risk of variations (cost blow outs).