Reasons to Engage a Building Surveyor

A Building Surveyor has the statutory authority to issue building permits and to administer the Building Regulations, under the Victorian Building Act. They can be employed privately as well as by your local council.

They work in the interest of the homeowner and the community, ensuring all plans comply with the Building Regulations and Australian Standards. Their role involves checking the structural integrity of the building. The onus of workmanship, however, and the quality of materials and finishes are on the builder (or architect if you use one).

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The Building Surveyor is involved throughout the building process and carries out inspections during the construction of your new home, house extension or renovation. If the project fails an inspection, the Surveyor is authorised, under the Building Act, to take action. If necessary, this can mean taking action against the responsible party to ensure that the works are rectified and made compliant.

They can deny building permits as well as issue them – and they can issue them with or without conditions attached. Almost anything you want to build on your land needs a building permit. Building Surveyors can also carry out inspections of established buildings to ensure their compliance with safety standards.

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