Building Construction Problems

The last thing you wish to encounter are building construction problems but what are the most common and how can you avoid them?

Many issues homeowners encounter during the construction of their new home, house extension or renovation are largely preventable. By being careful about choosing your builder, many potential difficulties can be avoided. Check with your local Council, from the outset, whether you need a planning permit. You don’t want to be halfway through the design stage to discover you need one and then have to undertake a major design change.

If your plans do not have enough details regarding materials or fixtures/finishes you ought to specify those details in a specification document. The more detail you have in your specification document, the less likely you are to have misunderstandings with your builder. Negotiation and communication before signing the contract are vital. If problems do arise, it can be a good idea to have a third person involved that you & the builder trust to discuss problems with. Focus on achieving a good outcome – anger and blame help no one. Check that you’re being realistic in your expectations about what things cost and what’s achievable. Is there really something wrong – what do the drawings require and are there tests for defects?

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If you need to demolish – be aware of what may be lurking unseen. If there’s asbestos involved the extra costs are going to be significant. If you are having a home extension constructed and the existing house is not square or the frame is rotting, extra work will need to be done on the existing house before the extension can go ahead. If the house is to be re-floored, there needs to be adequate; clearance under the bearers – otherwise manual digging may be required. Builders only quote on what is contained in the plans and specifications. These situations will result in a cost variation issued by the builder.

Finally, be prepared, you may need a budget that is big enough or a plan that is flexible enough to cope with unforeseen variations!!