Building Traps

Building Issues – How to Best Manage

RFT Solutions has years of experience in Melbourne helping people build their new house, home extension or renovation. There are numerous building issues that can result in excessive costs and cause stress during this major life investment.

Be sure you don’t make these FATAL mistakes:

DON’T sign up with a builder who ‘quoted’ on the cost of your new home or house extension without plans. It’s an estimate, not a quote.

  • DON’T get halfway through the design stage then discover you need a town planning permit and thus a possible major design change.
  • DON’T sign up with a builder because you obtained a low quote and find they have not included everything in their quote so that during construction you are hit with variations that add 15-25% to your building costs.
  • DON’T jeopardise your new house, home extension or renovation by getting quotes from builders with a history of complaints, bankruptcy, insurance problems and no references.
  • DON’T use the builder’s building surveyor just because they ‘know one another’. The building surveyor is working for you.
  • DON’T sign a domestic building contract without understanding the legal implications.
  • DON’T pay your builder for sub-standard work or before a contractual stage of construction is completed.

Save yourself from these mistakes and others. RFT Solutions has extensive experience in the building industry to guide you around these fatal traps, to protect you and your major investment.

We can provide you with further information on our drafting services and builders in Melbourne, building costs and builders’ quotes, and the quality Building Solutions that RFT Solutions can provide. RFT Solutions will inform you of the various stages of the building process and will assist you during the construction of your new house home extension or house renovation.

You can contact RFT Solutions by calling us on (03) 9421 2222 or quickly send details of your building project via our Contact Us page. You can also find details concerning house renovations, home extensions, kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations on the following links.

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