Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovation in Melbourne

A kitchen renovation is generally quite an elaborate undertaking that should involve a professional architect or draftsman and builder. These parties need to communicate effectively to complete your project within your budget and designated time-frames.

How we can help you

RFT Solutions can help by:

  • Designing your new kitchen renovations
  • Tendering your plans to a minimum of three builders
  • Examining the builders quotes, recommending a builder, and negotiating the contract
  • Instructing the builder to liaise between yourself and RFT Solutions

Once the design has begun, RFT Solutions will organise to have a builder liaise between you and the builder. The builder and RFT Solutions will offer advice regarding design and materials to reduce kitchen renovations costs. We will then supply a quote to prepare your design and an estimate to construct your design to match your budget. All of these components add to the final price tag of your kitchen renovations. Our mission at RFT Solutions is to ensure your budget is not exceeded during the renovation process.

Once your kitchen renovation commences the project should proceed smoothly as we will be monitoring the entire process. RFT Solutions can also offer quality inspections and contract administration services for any kitchen renovations in Melbourne if required.


Factors to consider
  • What about the budget?This is usually the first thing a homeowner considers when researching kitchen renovations in Melbourne. Our advice is this: consider how your investment in kitchen renovations will enhance the value of your home. It will also improve the quality of your daily lives. We will advise you on the components of the budget and help you plan accordingly.
  • How will you find the best contractor in Melbourne?The most important factor in kitchen renovations is not the design or even the quality of materials. The most important choice you will make is the contractor you hire. That choice will determine whether the chosen materials will be installed correctly. Finding a contractor can be daunting. That´s why by calling RFT Solutions, you can be sure you have contacted a business with a solid reputation, a portfolio of excellent work and a list of satisfied customers.
  • Does the kitchen need to stay in the same location?Not everyone appreciates that it is quite possible to move the location of the kitchen, a major room in your home. This will affect your budget, but it may also increase the space available, as well as the natural light and other potential layouts.

Moving the location will of course mean changing the plumbing, which is a big job for anyone. The possibilities are endless, and that´s when RFT Solutions prove their value.

Peace of mind

If you are considering kitchen renovations, RFT Solutions offers peace of mind. Our goal is simple: To save you time, money, and achieve a result you love. Then you can look forward to kitchen renovations that will truly fulfil your expectations.

To get advice on your new kitchen renovations, call us now on (03) 9421 2222, or fill in our online enquiry form via our Contact Us page.

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