We take pleasure in delivering a service that helps people obtain an affordable dream and are delighted to receive compliments and praise from our clients.

RFT Solutions has selected some of the letters sent to us by our clients who are now enjoying their new home, house renovation or home extension.

We also have many reviews online achieving a “Word of Mouth” customer service award for 2016.

Dear Michael,

We are happy to provide a reference for RFT Solutions because you offer an excellent service for people like us who have very little experience in the building process. We could never have progressed our renovation had it not been for your assistance with drafting and sourcing builders.

As it turned out we have been able to have our renovation completed as planned on time and within budget. We thank you very much for your assistance and would happily discuss your services with any of your potential clients.

Renovation Completed on Time and Within Budget

Thanks for your assistance with our home extension.

From the initial meeting to the design and then building tender, we found the service exemplary and the process seamless. We were kept up to date regularly with progress and, not having had experience with a house renovation before, we were also constantly informed about what the next steps were to have all the pieces in place for the building approval.

We would be happy to recommend RFT Solutions

Dear Michael,

Totally jealous of trip.
Of course happy to provide referral for RFT Solutions. For a couple of idiots who haven’t the first clue what they are doing and don’t have any contacts it’s been a godsend. Would’ve been even if we thought we knew what we were doing…
Happy to let you give them our nos.

Happy to provide referral for RFT Solutions

Dear Michael,

We highly recommend RFT solutions to anyone considering a renovation and/or extension.
We found the team at RFT solutions worked cohesively to meet our needs in a timely manner. Prior to engaging with RFT we had minimal experience with the building process however with help from Michael we felt more confident and informed with the construction process. Michael and Shannon were able to give us cost estimates during the design process which helped with our budgeting. The cost estimates were accurate and within our budget.
Throughout the process, Michael acted as an advocate when dealing with the builders and other people associated with the construction which prevented any conflict from arising.
The builders that RFT recommended were excellent and we are extremely satisfied with the end result. Overall, it was a positive experience working with RFT solutions as they made the building process easy and stress free.

Positive Experience working with RFT solutions

Hi Michael,

Our new place is fantastic. It has come together really well. Yes I found working with RFT Solutions good. I believe the quotes I received through you were more competitive than I would otherwise have received and the drafting and permit process was also a lot easier. I am happy to speak to any potential clients as a referee.

Quotes received through RFT were more competitive


RFT were a great service provider, particularly as a first home builder, in understanding each of the components necessary, and providing good contractors to deliver, to prepare for a building contract.

RFT a great service provider

Dear Michael,

We cannot thank RFT Solutions enough for your service in creating our new home extension. As you said “Good things take time”.

There were little things we had no idea about that could have ruined our home extension but thanks to your knowledge we were able to divert a possible disaster.

You were able to assist in keeping building costs down and took the time to answer all our questions explaining clearly how or why something needed to be done.

We would like to thank Peter Matthews for his patience working with us over the design and the builder HDL for their input in keeping costs down.

We would recommend RFT Solutions to anyone thinking of a home extension or renovation.

Low Cost New Home Extension Testimonial

Thank you Michael for keeping our building costs within our budget. Without RFT Solutions assistance we would not have been able to afford our home extension.

We recently returned to Melbourne and approached RFT Solutions with plans drawn by our architect and quotes from builders which were too expensive.

RFT Solutions was able to make contact with HDL Enterprise who worked with us and the architect to make small changes that helped reduce our home extension costs.

Thank you Michael for your patience and the care you showed for us.

Home Extension Vermont Testimonial

To Whom it may Concern,
RFT Solutions managed the building of our home extension and managed the draftsperson and builder saving us considerable money.

The draftsperson designed our extension to suit our difficult block. The quality of construction by the builder, is excellent and their price kept true to the meetings we had with them and while the design was taking shape.

I am happy to recommend RFT Solutions to you if you are considering a home extension.

Saving Money Building Extension Testimonial

We would like to thank RFT Solutions for their tremendous assistance in the building of our new home.

Thank you for putting us in contact with a wonderful draftsperson and builder. This resulted in a great design which was constructed by whose workmanship could not be faltered.

Our expectations were met at every turn and we recommend RFT Solutions to anyone thinking of building their dream home or house extension.

New Home Draftsperson Testimonial